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Board of Directors

The Board of Directors (BOD) includes representatives of all stakeholder organizations participating in the Ecosystem for Biophotonics Innovation program. It provides oversight and strategic advice for the direction of the program.

Chair of the BOD
Steven C. Currall, PhD, Chancellor's Senior Advisor for Strategic Projects and Initiatives, Professor of Management, Dean Emeritus of the Graduate School of Management, UC Davis

BOD Members
  1. Cary Adams, JD, Chair, SARTA MedStart, CEO, MedForce Accelerator LLC, CEO, Almond Tree Capital LLC
  2. Kirk Uhler, CEO, SARTA
  3. Lars Berglund, MD, PhD, Senior Associate Dean, UC Davis School of Medicine, Professor and Director, UC Davis Clinical and Translational Science Center (CTSC)
  4. Paul Goodwin, MS, Science Director, Cell Imaging and Analysis, GE Healthcare/Life Sciences
  5. Robert Balderas, Vice President, Market Development, BD Biosciences
  6. Thomas Hobday, President, Tahoe Institute for Rural Health Research (TIRHR)
  7. Teresa Hofhenke, Executive Director, Keaton Raphael Memorial
  8. Enrique Lavernia, PhD, Dean, UC Davis College of Engineering, UC Davis
  9. Harris Lewin, PhD, Vice Chancellor for Research, UC Davis
  10. Dushyant Pathak, PhD, Associate Vice Chancellor for Technology Management and Corporate Relations
  11. Joseph Victor, MBA, CEO, Startide Sciences, Inc., Former President & CEO of DVS Sciences, Inc., Former President and CEO, Applied Precision, Inc.
  12. Carol Schembri, MS, R&D Department Manager, Agilent Labs
  13. Brian Pierce, Founder & Chief Science Officer, Photometics, Inc.

BOD Guests

  1. Diether Recktenwald, PhD, Principal, Desatoya, LLC, Former VP Advanced Technology, BD Biosciences
  2. Paul Dodd, PhD, Associate Vice Chancellor for Interdisciplinary Research and Strategic Initiatives, UC Davis
  3. Kit Lam, MD, PhD, Director, Center for Biophotonics, Professor and Chair, Department of Biochemistry and Molecular Medicine, UC Davis School of Medicine