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Tingjuan Gao Publications

Selected Peer-reviewed Publications

1.     Tingjuan Gao, Jitka Petrlova, Wei He, Thomas Huser, Wieslaw Kudlick, John Voss, and Matthew A. Coleman (2012), “Characterization of de novo synthesized GPCRs supported in nanolipoprotein discs.” J of Proteome Res., submitted.

2.     Tzu-yin Lin, YuanPei Li, Hongyong Zhang, Juntao Luo, Neal Goodwin, Tingjuan Gao, Ralph de Vere White, Kit Lam, Chong-Xian Pan (2012), “Tumor-targeting Multifunctional Micelles for Imaging and Chemotherapy of advanced Bladder Cancer.” Molecular Cancer Therapeutics, submitted.

3.     Tzu-yin Lin, Hongyong Zhang, Juntao Luo, Yuanpei Li, Tingjuan Gao, Primo N. Lara, Jr., Ralph de Vere White, Kit S Lam, and Chong-Xian Pan (2012), “Multifunctional targeting micelle nanocarriers with both imaging and therapeutic potential for bladder cancer.” Intl. J. Nanomedicine, accepted.

4.     Tingjuan Gao, Craig D. Blanchette, Wei He, Feliza Bourguet, Sonny Ly, Federico Katzen, Wieslaw A. Kudlicki, Paul T. Henderson, Thomas Huser, and Matthew A. Coleman (2011), “Diffusion Dynamics of Hydrated Membrane Protein Associated Nanolipoproteins Characterized by Fluorescence Correlation Spectroscopy.” Protein Science, 20(2), 437–447.

5.     Sonny Ly, Jitka Petrlova, Thomas Huser, Samantha Fore, Tingjuan Gao, John Voss, and Ted Laurence (2011), “Stoichiometry of reconstituted high density lipoproteins in the hydrated state determined by photon antibunching.” Biophysical J., 101, 970-975.

6.     Tingjuan Gao, and Lewis J. Rothberg (2007), “Label-free Sensing of Binding to Microarrays using Brewster Angle Straddle Interferometry.” Anal. Chem., 79(20), 7589-7595, Cover and Accelerated Article.

7.     Tingjuan Gao, Jinghui Lu, and Lewis J. Rothberg (2006), “Biomolecular Sensing Using Near-Null Single Wavelength Arrayed Imaging Refletometry.” Anal. Chem., 78(18), 6622 - 6627.