NSF Ecosystem for Biophotonics Innovation (EBI)

In 2011, the Center for Biophotonics Science & Technology (CBST) was awarded a two-year, $1 million grant from the National Science Foundation (NSF) to develop an Ecosystem for Biophotonics Innovation (EBI). NSF funding was matched dollar-for-dollar by 3rd party investments from industry.  The goals of the EBI program for its two year tenure were to: 
  • Formalize an innovation ecosystem framework to accelerate the commercialization of academic research technology into end-user validated biomedical technologies and devices. 
  • Kick-start the ecosystem by accelerating the commercialization of specific technologies, which have been developed by CBST in collaboration with end-users from medical and life sciences communities. 
  • Develop a training and mentorship program for early-career scientists, focused on product development, entrepreneurship and commercialization (eFellows). 
  • Stimulate new economic growth and job creation by training postdoctoral researchers and students in the process of commercialization, making them more suitable for jobs in the $53B/yr biophotonics industry.