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Automated Blood Analysis

Blood is an easily accessible window into human health.  Because blood is the primary conduit for the adaptive immune system, analysis of the numbers and types of cells in a blood sample can allow powerful inferences about the health of a patient.  Blood health can also be used to monitor a patient's response to chemical or radiation therapy courses.  Because of this, and because blood draws are an uncomplicated and minimally invasive procedure, chemical and morphological blood tests are among the most frequently ordered by hospitals, with nearly every admitted patient undergoing some form of blood test. Using technologies developed at CBST, we propose to produce a low cost, automated blood analysis instrument to enable monitoring of, for example, a subset of the Complete Blood Count (CBC).

Project PI: Sebastian Wachsmann-Hogiu, PhD
eFellows:  Zachary Smith, PhD, Tingjuan Gao, PhD
UC Davis Investigators: Stephen Lane, PhD, Dennis Matthews, PhD, Denis Dwyre, PhD
Tahoe Institute for Rural Health Research partners: Tom Hobday, Jim Hood, PhD, Larry Heifetz, MD